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Austin (2010-02-25)
could you email me the song that comes after formentera what in buzzhour?? ty!!!!
FrozenShadow (2010-02-18)
the escape helps me 2 escape from the big shit of last months _-[ GREAT STUFF thanq u
NKAZHIM!!!!! (2010-02-16)
Hey dude what nice selection of tracks
Chris (2009-04-18)
Your set was great last night at Ruby Skye!!! Thanks for the CD, did my morning run to it and loved it.
Hugo Neil (2009-03-13)
Kool mixes James, I vote for you!! =), greetings from México!
Jason (2009-03-10)
I love your music and really like to play it loud on my Ipod while walking through the east side of Van
Goki (2009-03-07)
hi...how are you ??... you remember me ??im Goki from Turkey...have a nice mix ;-)
Art (2009-02-02)
you are so cooooooooooooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!
andy nguyen (2009-01-31)
Thank you ! I can download this song
emil (2008-12-20)
where can i get your new mix? thanks
emil (2008-12-20)
you are the best,i love u
mandy (2008-10-15)
love u loadsssssssssss
sean (2008-10-01)
What's up James Williams!? My buddy and I had a blast Friday watching you kill it before and after Cosmic Gate. If you remember I was the guy at the end of the night asking you for a mix so if you have any new stuff you should send it my way for sure.
joyceee (2008-09-28)
great set on friday keep it up JW!
luigi (2008-09-25)
tank for the mix
Denise (2008-09-18)
Terrific!! I cannot stop listening, but I have to go.. Ahhh!!
Trauma (2008-09-17)
Nice stuff dude !
djdeca (2008-09-05)
where can i get ur music Trance & techno collection? Downloads> Help Me!
Kim (2008-07-27)
where can I get your music? downloads? Help!
Bob (2008-07-26)
Hey thank's for the show last night. The new track was AMAZING!!!
Carol (2008-07-24)
Love your music. Have any guestlists coming up?
Vera Virabutsady (2008-07-16)
Love your tracks! And by the way is there a guset for the event on July 25th? Because I would love to go that night.
Jeromie Burns (2008-07-16)
Cant wait!!!
jeannie (2008-07-15)
Hi james love your music. Your mixes was awsome i really really like its.keep out your good work. love you!
Anastasia (2008-06-19)
Great music!! I love it!!!!
INXCESS (2008-06-19)
James, Great work on your escape and the lovesfest set. Will start coming to you shows , looks like you are opening for a lot of events, so that's gonna be real cool.
Thomas Phan (2008-06-17)
Keep up the good work, don't stop rockin!
Roman (2008-06-16)
Yo, J, u comin to NY anytime soon?
Lyloo (2008-06-15)
You are awsome, and i love your music...
Joe-E Kidd U. (2008-06-03)
Can't say enuff about it, you're rockin it man
jeannie le (2008-06-02)
love your music!
edgc (2008-05-31)
Ivan (2008-05-31)
Молодец dj!!!!!! :) Рулишь по полной!!!!
Juan (2008-05-30)
When are you coming down to Costa Rica?
Hubert (2008-05-30)
i have not listened to that mixes but i am sure it rocks
Chase n Anton (2008-05-14)
Stunning performance at Ruby Sky and great CD. We look forward to hearing you again and again...
grace estoista (2008-05-08)
thank you,so much
Sara (2008-04-13)
Very Nice. We will highly recommend your site.
FeLix (2008-04-10)
good set , keep on good working see ya in macedonia
kimokassem (2008-04-06)
i cant believe the sets this is so creative music
Lisa Pina (2008-03-25)
awesome as always!
Joy (2008-03-22)
you were awesome at ruby had to stay till the end!
Faron Gilbert (2008-03-14)
You've definitely got something going on there man. Much respect from one DJ to the other!(even though I have'nt made it out of the bedroom many times lol)
Mavraki5 (2008-03-14)
Nice sets man keep it up with more work . . you are in a good way!!
Ollie (2008-03-13)
Hey man, i've had your two mixes on loop for a week now and i still love em. The Ascent and Escape i mean... If i was in the US i'd come see you somewhere! Respect.
Ernie (2008-03-12)
When are you coming to San Diego?? Your skills & vibe are very much needed!!
betsy (2008-03-12)
Hello,I' like your mixes 100% trance thaks,greating dj betsy 1 from Mexico city
Matt Morris (2008-03-06)
Hi James! I met you at Ruby Skye last weekend and wanted to say I loved your music! It was great to hang out with you and good luck.
Francesco (2007-12-17)
I'm interesing for dj set in Panama